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The 125th Canton Fair Exhibition of 2019 (Phase I) was held successfully


The 125th Canton Fair Exhibition of 2019 (Phase I) was held successfully

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On April 15-19, the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Phase I) was held in Guangzhou as scheduled. XinZhongYuan International Sales Department was represented by using BIG+ brand name for the first time. The unique design style and the fusion of Chinese and Western classic elements in the original products became one of the biggest highlights in the building materials field.
(The staff of the International Sales Department,take the photo in front of the “Fusion”series product)
Since 2018, Xinzhongyuan overseas brand has been officially renamed as BIG+ from NewZhongYuan and tried to establish a better brand image in the overseas market. It is the first time for the International Sales Department to show up in the Canton Fair using their new brand name.The “Fusion” series which combine the Chinese and Western classical and modern design elements became the most eye-catching product , and received excellent praise from domestic and foreign clients.
There were hundreds of clients visiting our booth,including the new and the old covering almost all regions of the world.The display products are based on BIG+ brand's main products of 2019, and some of the latest are also launched. As in previous years, the large-size products are still the most popular among overseas customers.