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Xin Zhong Yuan Group plans to build the world's largest ceramics factory


Xin Zhong Yuan Group plans to build the world's largest ceramics factory

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The Ayala Group, with a history of 187 years, which monopolized the communications, finance and real estate industries in Philippines, named as the “local economic barometer” by the Global Times, cooperated with Alipay in the Philippines, will build ceramics factory with Chinese companies!

This factory is committed to be the  "Foxconn” in the ceramic industry. It plans to invest 200 to 300 million USD to build 12 production lines in 2 years, which covers an area of 300000 ㎡. The products are mainly polished tiles and ceramics, and the single-line production capacity will exceed 20,000 . More importantly, there are only 4 shareholders in the project: Ayala Group from Philippines, Xin Zhong Yuan Group, Keda Clean Energy Group and Neng Xing Holdings from China.


Chairman of Xin Zhong Yuan Group Mr Fok Chicheong meet with the former Philippine President Arroyo
The lady in blue is the former President of the Philippines, Arroyo, and the left side of Arroyo is the chairman of Xin Zhong Yuan Group.

The reason why Ayala chose Xin Zhong Yuan Group is based on the cooperation relationship between the two parties for more than ten years. In the heyday before anti-dumping, Ayala purchased ceramic tiles from Xin Zhong Yuan Group for 20-30 million USD a year. And in addition to keeping cooperation, there is a bigger goal for Xin Zhong Yuan Group chose Ayala also ! 

In an exclusive interview with “Tao Cheng Newspaper”, the chairman of the Xin Zhong Yuan group Mr. Fok said that besides the production of the Xin Zhong Yuan ceramics brand, the factory also accepts OEM orders from other Chinese ceramic enterprises. The factory will give full play to China's large-scale production experience. Supported by “Chinese model, Chinese technology, and Chinese equipment production”, and then labeled “made in Philippines”, we can change an “ID card” and take back the 20-30 billion m2 market that was sacrificed in anti-dumping.