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Address:ZhongYuan Enterprise Building,No.190,Shinan East Avenue,
Chancheng District,Foshan City,Guangdong,China

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    • 1984

      Director Zhi Chang Huo set up Xin Zhong Yuan Group in Macao,engaged in trade,real estate investment.

    • 1991

      Director Zhi Chang Huo gets into the ceramic industry as joint venture with local well-known enterprises.

    • 1995

      Director Zhi Chang Huo enter the ceramics industry heart and soul and set up the own brand “Xin Zhong Yuan ”,independently develop and produce interior wall tiles and crystal tiles.

    • 1997

      Xin Zhong Yuan works as a trading company.Tiles are sold throughout the country and southeast Asia.

    • 1997-2002

      Production capacity is increasing day by day.Xin Zhong Yuan expands rapidly to the leading position of the industry with the average annual construction of 1-2 factories,creating the industry myth.

    • 1999

      After “Xin Zhong Yuan”,three new brands have been promoted.Xin Zhong Yuan become the first company to implement the multi-brand development strategy in the industry.

    • 2004

      Xin Zhong Yuan established the first “property right type” five-star hotel Hua Xia Xin Zhong Yuan Hotel in Foshan,and begin to enter the diversified development stage.

    • 2004

      Xin Zhong Yuan established a real estate development company in Zhaoqing,and started to enter the field of comprehensive real estate development and management from a high starting point.

    • 2006

      Xin Zhong Yuan established a trading company in foshan and began to enter the upstream industrial pattern of ceramics.

    • 2006-2007

      Xin Zhong Yuan actively responded to the national strategic of building a conservation-oriented and environment-friendly society and the call of "revitalizing the old industrial base in northeast China", and took the lead in the industry to set up ceramic industrial base in Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei and Liaoning with the idea of environmental protection and energy-saving development, and expanded the group's national industrial pattern. At the end of 2006,Xin Zhong Yuan launched artificial granite,officially entered the field of artificial stone,and become the first enterprises across “ceramic,sanitary ware,artificial stone”.

    • 2009

      Xin Zhong Yuan has made attempts to invest in commercial real estate projects, and jointly established "Nanchang international trade expo center" with Nanchang commercial storage and transportation corporation, breaking the traditional path of channel integration of ceramic enterprises and further gaining competitive advantages in production and logistics.

    • 2010

      The 10th production base - He Nan Rui Xin Bao Building Materials Co., LTD. was put into production, marking the formal formation of the national layout of the building ceramics industry.

    • 2011

      The group began to expand overseas and built Xin Zhong Yuan exhibition hall in Dubai.

    • 2012-2016

      Policies at home and abroad are pushing the industry into a severe period of reform. Xin Zhong Yuan is unshaken, and the building materials industry is firmly rooted in the domestic business.

    • 2012

      Xin Zhong Yuan proposed the brand localization management operation mode.

    • 2013

      Xin Zhong Yuan "thunderbolt" has made a major breakthrough in anti-counterfeiting operations, effectively cracking down on the illegal sales or counterfeit of our group's products, and safeguarding the benign market order.

    • 2014

      In line with the development trend of domestic urbanization, Xin Zhong Yuan upgraded its brand marketing channels and gradually expanded its focus from primary and secondary cities to third-and fourth-tier cities to expand its channel coverage and market share.

    • 2015

      The main brand of Xin Zhong Yuan ceramics, together with Guangzhou design week, initiated the "The Star of Chinese Designer" activity for the post-80s designers in China, to create a new and cutting-edge design power platform in China.

    • 2016

      Xin Zhong Yuan established one of the first group of 11 enterprises that signed the contract of "100 trillion enterprises", and cooperated with all kinds of construction material enterprises to achieve the goal of output value of 1 trillion per year in the next three years, boosting enterprises to a new high.

    • 2017

      Xin Zhong Yuan, in response to the national call of "Globle Economy", will invest $150 million to build 8 "intelligent and automatic" ceramic tile production lines in Uzbekistan.

    • 2018

      Xin Zhong Yuan will work with companies such as Ayala in the Philippines to lead the construction of the world's largest ceramics factory, and the next 3-5 years will be a critical period for the group to implement its globalization strategy.In order to accelerate the layout of global market and promote the construction of overseas sales channels, Xin Zhong Yuan group plans to build hundreds of brand stores around the world in the near future, and is now making progress.